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Roxie Has Helped Over 450 Entrepreneurs
Here's what just a few of them have to say about working with her:

I’ve worked with Roxie for a few projects now and she always does an outstanding job on my PowerPoint slides. She has fabulous communication, picks out the perfect slides, and gets everything done really quickly.

I’ve recommended her to friends before and think she’s great. She’s definitely my go-to gal for slides with stunning images. Try her out- you’ll love her!

Rachel Rofé - Blogger

I hired Roxie on referral from my buddy Russ Ruffino to put together a slide deck for my upcoming webinar. She was absolutely a pleasure to work with.

Super fast and clear with communications and delivered a fabulous work product ON TIME and within budget. I definitely recommend her services and will be using her to do all my slide decks from now on.

Jason Hornung - JH Media LLC

I don’t know how many countless hours I have spent trying to find the perfect pictures for my PowerPoint presentation. Way too many. I’m so glad that I found Roxie. The service that she offers was life-saving.

I sent her the text for my presentation and it was like she read my mind. She took that text found engaging beautiful images that matched my message exactly and in less than 48 hours it was done. She is any presenters, secret weapon and saved me hours and hours of time. If you want to skip the frustration and hours searching for images, then you will want to talk to Roxie.

Kyle Kirschbaum - Essential Oil Expert

The truth about Roxie is that she is absolutely incredible! Russ Ruffino Live introduced me to Roxie’s services for setting up everything from the webinar to the booking page and it has been an AWESOME experience working with her.

A total professional and perfectionist that has an expert knowledge of not only the tools but the methodologies for the fastest ROI! Roxie, you’re an All-Star Powerhouse of Results and our team will always use your services! Can’t thank you enough! Anyone needing to put a webinar on autopilot needs to contact her right away!

Tom Kroll - Wholesaling Inc.


Roxie has designed and built very successful email, Facebook, and webinar promotions for me. She has also helped me utilize scheduling and billing programs that helped my business run smoothly.

Her excellent technical knowledge and creative skills will certainly fulfill your marketing and business needs.

Want to market your brand and product with success? Then do not hesitate to contact Roxie. Her warmth, charisma, friendliness and positive energy are the answers to your needs.

Richard J. Levy


I'm so impressed with the quality of work that Roxie produced! Everything was done totally professionally and with ease!

She even jumped to help me with a couple of challenges that came up to ensure that everything ran smoothly! Thank you so much for your work Roxie, I'd highly recommend you!

Regan Hillyer


Working with Roxie was the best money I spent this year in my business! Letting her do what she does best let me spend more time and energy focusing on what I do best.Roxie was able to not only get the project done quickly but also with a great emotional feel in her image selections that added a depth to my webinar message I had not expected. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Chel Hamilton


Roxie created a beautiful presentation for me and set up all the tech work necessary to get my webinar up and running. I would never have managed to do all of that, with such precision, and in record time. A lovely person to work with, graced with infinite patience. I know I'll work with her again.

Jaque Osoro


I was looking to create a very professional looking webinar but the last thing I wanted to do was spend my time doing it myself. I know my strength and PROFITS are in doing what only I can do and hiring the rest out to the best in the industry.I have to say Roxie IS THE BEST that I have ever seen at creating impactful webinar slides. If you want to take your webinar to the elite level… you won’t find anyone better than Roxie!

Candice Hayward Foundations For Success


I recently hired Roxie to help me create a professional webinar slide deck for an upcoming program I was launching. I had tried to create the deck alone and faced countless tech issues and a steep learning curve. I am thrilled to say that everything about working with Roxie exceeded my expectations!Roxie is professional, prompt, creative and responsive. She chose the perfect slides to match the look and feel that we had discussed and she delivered them in record time to keep me moving towards my deadline. I am so grateful for her and highly recommend her for your project.

Ellen Palmer Certified Holistic Health And Lifestyle Change Coach


A picture is worth a thousand words and Roxie finds the perfect image that makes my content emotionally connect with my audience. Her design elevates my brand and she delivers in a fast turnaround to allow me to launch my webinar without spending hours of my time creating slides.

John Livesay Selling Secrets For Funding


My business is built around positioning entrepreneurs so they stand out from the crowd. But I couldn’t find a way to express MY own genius for a webinar presentation! I had the classic blank screen syndrome, and nothing was getting done.Roxie came in, took my outline, and in lightning fast time turned it into a killer slide show. The images she chose perfectly matched my style and the flow worked beautifully. She’s not only talented as an artist but intuitive and strategic as well!

Nancy Marmolejo Marketing Strategist


​Roxie created my webinar slide deck with lightning speed! She understood the direction my webinar needed to take and nailed every slide with wonderful, bold, bright images that my target market could relate to.A concern when I started to put my webinar together was the dropoff rate. I've already had viewers tell me that they stayed on the webinar not only because of the great information but also because they were so taken by the slides. I'm looking forward to working with Roxie for all my future projects.

Ianthe Hernandez


​I hired Roxie to do my slide deck. She was great. Great service and patient too. It was nice to know I didn’t have to get my slide skills honed before I could get my webinar up and running. She is definitely part of the solution.

Stan Miller Estate & Business Planning Attorney


​Roxie put together my webinar deck for me. She turned it around with lightning speed and made the edits just as fast! She is creative and a pleasure to work with.

Tammi DeVille Hire With Ease


​Roxie was thorough and very obviously experienced in her needs analysis and understanding of our company's structure, system and requirements. Traditionally we have marketed our business very heavily using print as the medium and this was our first real marketing initiative through the web/social media.With Roxie's expertise, knowledge and execution this transition was seamless for our company. We would recommend Roxie to any company looking to market their business online and we looks forward to working on future projects with her.

Aza Tahir 1 For 1 Pizza Ltd.


​I wanted to thank Roxie so much for her help. We felt the video was super well-done, very professional and done in a very timely manner. Working with Roxie was a pleasure and I would suggest her to any of my associates going forward.

Jeff Fixman Cazza Petite


​Roxie is completing our webinar deck today. Right now I feel like when I was waiting in the delivery room when my first child was born 32 years ago. I am pacing the floor with excitement.

Dennis Kelly


​Design is definitely NOT my strong suit, so when I needed to get slides done for a webinar presentation I was preparing, I turned to Roxie for help.She took my script and turned it into a stunning visual presentation that strongly supported the audio script I had prepared. I will definitely use Roxie again for my next presentation!

Paul Keetch Virtual Product Creation Blueprint


​I would like to state that Roxie’s work and service is truly exceptional, and she performed way above my expectations! I have worked with her on several power point projects.She did an outstanding job on my slides! The service that she offers to presenters is one of a kind. Roxie created my webinar slide deck in less than 48 hours! I appreciate everything she has done for me and my business.

If you want to skip the frustration and hours searching for images on your own, then you need to work with Roxie. I highly recommend her services and will be using her on future projects. Keep up the great work!

Kevin Lane Debt Elimination Expert


​​Roxie has blown me away with her desire to help. She's really a caring individual and is interested in seeing me succeed, which makes her a rare jewel. She helped me spruce up some visual aspects of an offer I was making to clients and was ridiculously patient while I ask for revisions. She was happy to make it just what I wanted. I can’t recommend her enough!

Brianne Grebil Clear Skin Strategy


​​I would like to say I had a wonderful experience with Roxie. I have an amazing slide deck with fabulous images and she paired the content with the images beautifully. Her turnaround time was beyond my expectations, very efficient and quick. I really appreciate it. I highly recommend her services!

Helga Klopcic Life Balance 30


​​My slides for my webinar came out well thanks to Roxie. There are a few more tweaks in my copy that need to be done, but the technology stuff that would have taken me 15 hours to do she was able to bang out. Time=$ and I spend wisely.

Jay Coelho


​HUGE thank you to Roxie for creating the most beautiful slides for my webinar. She not only put together the slides but made great recommendations on the copy. She turned them around very quickly and was more than happy to assist when I wanted to make changes or to answer any of my questions. It was a pleasure working with her and I absolutely LOVE the Logo picture she created and the 3D logo is simply the coolest. Not to mention the amazing infographic of the process which I can use as my free gift and feel really proud of sending out.

Don't spend a week doing your own slides, simply leave it in Roxie's capable hands- it will be quicker and much better with her involved as she KNOWS what works.

Rachel Sparkes I Heart My Job


​There is no better feeling than to have that Technical Lifeline when you feel like Wilma Flintstone and can't spend one more nanosecond trying to figure this stuff out. After 6 hours and imploding, I Gave Myself Permission to hand over my precious Webinar Slides to Roxie.Up Anchor is exactly what that felt like, and then Movin' On. She works fast with perfection AND captures your essence- so no worries on her deep dedication to you and your work. Do it!

Nancy Rizzo


​I was struggling a lot in how to build my list. I had a ton of ideas but really no idea how to effectively create something attractive, effective and useful. Then I met Roxie. She could see my vision and had on point ideas on how to make things happen for me. Working with her was SO easy. She created a beautiful infographic and 15 minute content video for me to use as a giveaway. She wrote the opt in page copy and build the page for me so I didn’t have to lift a finger! She wrote up a follow up e-mail sequence and set it up to go out after people opt in for my free gift.

The emails she put together offered great information, positioned me as an expert and got my subscribers booking 1 on 1 coaching with me. I felt that it really gave me the freedom to continue working with my clients while she made my idea come alive.

Roxie has effective communication skills and amazing graphic artist abilities. Her extensive knowledge of internet marketing is a huge bonus!

Jenn Bradshaw Personal Wellness Revolution

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